1. I have never heard of Wu'Chi Kwon Do- What Is It?

    Wu'Chi Kwon Do literally means 'Fist of Nothingness'.  It is a term used by this school to describe the type of techniques taught.  However, what is being taught is a Freestyle Karate.  Freestyle Karate is a recognised form of martial arts.  It is very disciplined like traditional karate, but allows for a greater range of movements.

  2. How do I know if Wu'Chi Kwon Do is for me?

    You don’t! The best thing is to give it a try which will not cost you anything, as the first class is free.

  3. Do I have to be fit & healthy to join?

    No, classes are tailored to all levels. Overtime your fitness will improve and you will have a general sense of well being.

  4. What should I wear?

    Initially, comfortable clothing. All classes are done with bare feet, so trainers are not necessary. Once you become more settled, it is recommended that a uniform be purchased from the school. Also, you may wish to bring a bottle of water and/or a towel.

  5. What facilities do the studios have?

    The venue has toilets, a changing room and showering facilities.

  6. How do I join?

    You need to register to become a member (for a fixed fee). You will require TWO passport size photographs.

  7. What do I get for my membership fee?

    A class T-shirt, a white belt, certificate of membership and indemnity insurance (this needs to be renewed annually).

  8. How do I pay for classes?

    Classes can be paid for monthly, by standing order (please ask for bank details) or directly to the instructor. If you prefer, payment can be made on a class to class basis. This does however tend to be more expensive.

  9. I am very keen to work until I achieve black belt. Is this possible?

    Yes. Grading will happen once the instructor feels you are ready. If you are committed, there is no reason why you cannot make it to a black belt.

  10. Will you be having classes for children?

    Yes, we hope to start running classes for children in the near future.

  11. How can I be sure my children will be safe?

    All instructors have an enhanced CRB clearance and are trained in First Aid.

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