Quotes My son alp has been going to eagle eye wu chi kwondo karate & self defence institute for 7 months and has recently achieved his orange belt. My son had no confidence or concentration but training with john made him gain dicipline, confidence and awareness. As a mum seing him becoming stronger as time goes makes me proud and happy in chosing wu chi kwondo. John the instructor is so hard working he really pushes his students to achieve high standards he takes pride in dicipline and time keeping and has the best interest of his students. I would proudly and strongly recommend his classes to any parent out there. Quotes

Quotes My twins have been going classes for 9 month now and the children have really achieved a lot from the classes mentally and physically, Sensi Francis really motivates the children come along with your children and give it a try Quotes

Quotes I have to first say congrats to sensi Francis for his achievements ,I have been trained under Mr Francis for Over 12 years and enjoyed my training through the blood and sweat, the training has made me into a confident and fit individual which I am grateful for . I encourage students to put in your best and you will come out proud Thanks again sensi Francis . Quotes
Vincent Richards Jr
1st kyu Brown Belt

Quotes I feel as if I am toning up since coming to these classes. It is hard to always attend regularly, but I always practice at home when I have some time. Quotes
New Mum
Just had a baby and was feeling out of shape

Quotes I really like the way the class is structured so that all levels can participate. The instructor keeps me motivated even when i am finding a move hard to get. Quotes
Class for everyone

Quotes I am really enjoying the classes, and can already see the benefits! Quotes
Very happy!

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