Chief Instructor John Francis - 3rd Dan

My name is John Francis, the head of the Wu’Chi Kwon Do Institute in the UK.  I have been involved in martial arts for over 20 years, and trained in the art of Wu’Chi Kwon Do under the instruction of  Jury Gomes.

I was born on the Caribbean island of Dominica.  I started learning martial arts at a relatively late age (18 years old) at Master Wharton Tiger System Academy. Through hard work and determination, I surpassed all expectations and progressed quickly through my gradings.  I moved to St Lucia, and studied traditional karate for a few years.  

Eager to learn more, I went on to study Tae Kwon Do in Montserrat.

Several years later, I returned to Dominica and opened my first karate school which proved very popular.  My reputation grew and I was approached by  Jury Gomes of Antigua, and encouraged to explore the karate style of Kyodai-Ryu, a popular freestyle in Puerto Rico.  I trained under this style for a few more years.

My skills were recognised in my native Dominica, and was asked to join the Dominica Tae Kwon Do Olympic Association.  I went on to represent Dominica in the black belt worldwide seminar in Equador, South America.  I continued to teach in Dominica, until 2008, where I established the Wu’Chi Kwon Do Institute, in the UK. 

As you can see, I have experience in a wide range of fighting and defensive techniques, which is incorporated within my teaching.  I believe it is important to experience different styles, to fully appreciate the subtle differences, and to train in a more liberated way.

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